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I'm a speechwriter.


Fletcher Dean is an award-winning writer of speeches and author of 10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech. He’s a five-time presenter at the Annual Speechwriting Conference in Washington, DC. and winner of the Gold Cicero Award for Best Speech of the Year in 2008 as well as four other gold Cicero Awards.

The Details
Fletcher has more than 20 years experience as a communications professional. As a speechwriter, annual report writer, journalist and teacher, Fletcher has written on a broad range of subjects and in a variety of forums. From the National Press Club to the CEO Club of Boston and from Rio de Janeiro to San Francisco and Washington, his speeches have helped executives and business leaders deliver their ideas to audiences around the world. Those speeches have been reprinted in such prestigious journals as Vital Speeches of the Day (ten times), Executive Speeches, Speechwriter’s Newsletter and Executive Excellence.He’s also authored op/ed articles appearing in publications across the U.S. and has background coordinating and writing annual reports and news releases. Fletcher is a graduate of The University of Virginia’s College at Wise with a bachelor degree in English and a concentration in business communications. He also has an MFA in Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State University. He’s the author of 10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech and editor of Grandpap Told Me Tales, a collection of traditional Appalachian folk tales.Fletcher is a member of the Public Relations Society of America and certified by the Institute of Crisis Management as a Crisis Communications Professional.

To learn more about Fletcher or how he can help meet your writing needs contact him at fletchdean [at]